People left in stitches at man’s organisation skills after viewing home for sale

We all have our quirks when it comes to organising our house.

There is usually a system, but it might not make sense to everyone else.

One man’s unusual method for organising his clothes went viral after the house went on sale.

A photo of the storage system left people in stitches, as people marvelled at the unusual categories for the clothing.

Many of us might store our clothes according to groups such as ‘t-shirts,’ ‘trousers’, underwear.’

Turns out that’s incredibly mundane compared to this homeowner – who has categories such as ‘super shorts’ and ‘super-duper shorts.’

A photo of the man’s drawers was shared online, where one man added: “Mesmerised by these labelled drawers in a Zillow listing photo… a perfect way to organise … what more could a person need?”

The full list of categories includes: junk, bits and pieces, city shirts, work shirts, company shirts.

“Good pants – no patches, patched pants, work sweaters, city junk, ties, and socks.

“Drawers, pajamas, shorts, super shorts and super-duper shorts.”

One person joked: “The fact that I’m never going to know what constitutes super-duper shorts is simply infuriating.”

Another added: “I’d like to be super-duper shorts but I’m definitely pajamas.”

“I need to know the difference btw junk & city junk. Like, badly,” admitted another.

One woman joked: “I want to be super-duper shorts but I’m really more bits & pieces.”

The property in Brooklin, Maine, includes seven bedrooms and six bathrooms and is on sale for £3.2million.

A listing says: “This imposing summer retreat is the pinnacle of luxury combined with rustic Maine living. Built-in 1937, it is unique, and it would be impossible to build anything similar today. It’s a magical world unto itself.

“In fact, magic is the word used over and over in describing this remarkable family compound. With an emphasis on fun, this property has two houses, each with fanciful Nordic inspired architecture.”